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    Experience. Compassion.  Quality.

    When you need surgery, choose Rome Surgical Specialists.

    Our surgeons are board certified, well-trained, experienced and committed to providing the highest standard of care. 

    Rome Surgical Specialists offer a broad range of surgical procedures including: 

    General Surgery: Including breast biopsy and mastectomy, surgery for skin and colon cancers, gallbladder and thyroid disease, bowel obstruction and resection and other related bowel surgeries, gastrectomy, appendicitis, hernia repair, and tracheostomy.

    Thoracic Surgery: Including surgery for lung and esophageal cancer, pacemaker placement, management of pneumothorax, and mediastinal tumors. 

    Our surgeons have the expertise to perform laparoscopic or minimally invasive surgery. For our patients, that means smaller incisions, less pain and the ability to return to normal activities sooner.

    Rome Memorial Hospital is a nationally recognized as a leader in infection prevention and patient safety. That means quality care for you.

    We embrace evidence-based practices to provide our patients with the best possible outcomes. For example, by assuring that our patients get the right medicines at the right time on the day of their surgery, we reduce the risk of complications due to infection or blood clots. 





    Alberto Del Pino 
    Alberto Del Pino, M.D.


     Del Pino, Pedro MD 
    Pedro Del Pino, M.D.
       Ruddy, Melissa, MD 
    Theresa Ruddy, M.D.