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  • Nutritional Counseling for Diabetes

    A healthy diet for a healthy life

    By eating well-balanced meals in the correct amount, you can still enjoy delicious meals and thrive with diabetes.  If your physician suggests that nutrition therapy may be beneficial to your health, Rome Memorial Hospital's registered dietitians are available to help you learn about the changes you can make in your diet to help you feel your best and reduce your health risks.

    Medical nutrition therapy can be helpful to help you manage

      • Type 1 Diabetes
      • Type 2 Diabetes
      • Gestational Diabetes


    Registered, accredited staff

    Our nutrition experts are accredited by the Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics (AND) as registered dietitians, credentials that not all nutritionists possess.  As such, they are required to continuously build their knowledge base and skill level through continuing education.

    These professionals have a broad base of experience because they also care for the very specialized dietary requirements of hospitalized patients. They see and learn daily about the effect of diet on a person’s health.

    What to expect

    Our program is based upon iundividualized one-on-one counseling sessions. The program begins with a discussion of your dietary and medical history, exercise habits and lifestyle demands. This 45-minute to one hour session allows the dietitian to obtain information to begin building the framework for a plan developed just for you. Each patient’s unique needs determine the array of options available.

    Your dietitian will work with your physician to determine medical conditions, medications, pertinent laboratory test results and other factors that effect your nutritional needs. You can rest assured that, working together as a team, you, your physician and your dietitian will come up with a plan that addresses all your needs and you will not be sent away with generic, pre-printed materials.

    Your dietitian will:

      • Evaluate your eating habits and the nutritional value of your dietary intake.
      • Foster an understanding of your food choices by emphasizing practical, familiar foods.
      • Provide a customized eating plan based on your lifestyle, tastes and needs.
      • Assist with menu planning and budgeting.
      • Provide guidance with grocery shopping and how to read nutrition labels.
      • Offer suggestions for handling eating pitfalls, like holidays or going to a restaurant, as well as what to do if you falter on your nutritional plan.


    Insurance coverage

    A physician’s referral is required for medical nutrition therapy. Some services are covered by insurance plans or Medicare. The Central Scheduling Department at Rome Memorial Hospital will verify coverage before appointments are scheduled. Services are generally covered by most major medical insurance plans. Diabetic services are covered by Medicare. To schedule an appointment, please call 315.338.7338.

  • Free Classes

  • If you have type 2 diabetes, the best way to take control is to understand your disease and take steps to prevent complications.

    Rome Memorial Hospital provides free diabetes education classes every month for diabetics and their families.

    The nurse educator discusses how to measure your blood sugar, protect your feet and eye, and take charge of your diabetes through healthy eating, exercise and medication.

    To register, call 315.338.7143.