• Telemedicine Telehealth Appointments

    Telehealth visits are now available at our affiliated primary and specialty care practices to enhance access to care for its patients.

    Virtual visits provide an option for our patients to get the care they need from the comfort and security of their own home.

    Not all visit types can be scheduled as a telehealth visit. The patient’s provider will determine if the patient’s medical needs can be addressed during a telehealth visit or if an office visit is the more appropriate setting for care.

    To participate in a video visit, patients can use a smartphone or a personal computer, laptop, or tablet equipped with a web camera, microphone, speakers and any one of these browsers, Chrome, Samsung, Edge, Opera, Safari, or Firefox.

    Patients will receive a text, e-mail or both for their telehealth visit and are advised to test their connection using the provided link prior to their appointment. A wifi connection is preferred, especially in areas where cell service is spotty or poor.

    Unfortunately, with the many different devices and cell carriers, we’re not able to provide technical support for our patients’ devices. If patients have questions about insurance coverage of telehealth visits, they should contact their insurance carrier.