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    Hope & Healing for Older Adults in Crisis
    Rome Health's Senior Behavioral Health Care Unit provides individualized care for adults 55 and older who are suffering from acute symptoms associated with a major mental health illness, such as clinical depression, anxiety disorders or bi-polar illness. Inpatient hospitalization offers stabilization and treatment for adults in crisis, who are experiencing serious behavioral or mental changes.

    The 12-bed unit provides a private, warm, supportive atmosphere, where patients receive care that is individualized to their needs. Because we are a hospital-based facility, we offer medically supportive therapy on a case-by-case basis to people who may be dealing with chronic medical conditions, as well as mental health issues.

    The first thing our professional team will do is perform a thorough evaluation to help determine the possible causes of the behavioral and mental changes. We also check for any underlying medical issues that may contribute to behavioral changes. We will then work with the patient, family and other health professionals to develop a course of treatment that best meets the needs of the individual.

    Using an interdisciplinary approach, treatment includes individual meetings with psychiatrists, as well as group therapy to assist with emotional, mental, physical and medication needs. Our nurses, psychiatrists, trained counselors and social workers can help with all aspects of a person’s life.

    Intensive Therapy
    Cognitive behavioral therapy and insight-oriented therapy are recognized strengths of our program. Our counselors can help patients process their underlying issues and thoughts that may be triggering the crisis situation.

    Comprehensive Care
    To ensure superior access and care, we offer:

    A comprehensive psychiatric evaluation
    A thorough medical history and physical exam
    24-hour nursing and medical support
    Medication management and education
    Individualized treatment planning
    Diagnostic testing
    Family support and education
    Basic life skills enhancement
    Recreational therapy
    Physical, occupational and speech therapy (as needed)
    Individual and group therapy
    Referral and follow up services
    Counseling services offered by master level social worker

    Family Plays An Important Role
    When one person in the family suffers from a mental or emotional illness, everyone else in the family is affected. Admission to a psychiatric treatment center is understandably traumatic, and can be especially so for older adults. Stresses and strains in relationships are intensified.

    We understand this and encourage family members to express their feelings and learn new ways to cope with the frustrations. We encourage them to participate in their loved one’s treatment process.

    Inpatient hospitalization involves stabilizing the crisis that led to hospitalization. A thorough physical and mental evaluation is completed to determine the cause or causes of the psychiatric problem. All care is provided in a supportive environment with 24-hour nursing care to help ensure the well-being of each patient.

    Visiting Hours
    Weekdays: 3-5 p.m. Monday-Friday
    Weekends: 3-7 p.m. 

    Please limit visitors to one adult (age 18 and older) per patient. 
    *If you are unable to make these visiting hours, please contact the nursing staff to arrange other accommodations.

    Going Home
    The patient and family work with the treatment team to develop an appropriate aftercare plan. Our goal is to help maintain the progress that the patient made during their stay.

    Admissions are accepted 24 hours a day. Physicians, psychologists, social workers, mental health professionals, social service agencies, family members or friends may make referrals. The decision regarding admission is made by the Senior Behavioral Health Unit’s Medical Director.

    To Make A Referral or For More Information
    Our staff is available 24 hours a day. All information is completely confidential. To make a referral or for more information please call: 315.338.7399.



  • Signs of Crisis

    Persistent personality changes or unusual behavior may indicate that you or your loved one is suffering from clinical depression, anxiety or other mental health illness. Signs and symptoms may include:

    • Thoughts of suicide
    • Sudden change in mental status or behavior
    • Loss of interest in regular activities
    • Poor appetite or overeating
    • Disregard for personal appearance
    • Agitation or aggression
    • Sad or blank look on face
    • Withdrawal and isolation
    • Delusions
    • Hallucinations